Dec 22Chapter one: Plain Jane
Dec 29Don’t lag behind
Dec 31Doctor Cunningham


Jan 2Bring your daughter to work day
Jan 5Not just any robot
Jan 7Just a test run
Jan 9Cooler than a robot clone
Jan 12It’s a big deal
Jan 14unrivaled
Jan 16Ninja!
Jan 19Got this
Jan 21Stopping it now
Jan 23See Jane Run
Jan 26What I can
Jan 28Jane
Jan 30Chapter Two: Different
Feb 2Exponential
Feb 4Made of Math
Feb 6Sick of this place
Feb 9What is even the point
Feb 11A request
Feb 13Starting now
Feb 16Family Fun Day
Feb 18Finally
Feb 20Space Marine
Feb 23For Science
Feb 25I was there
Feb 27Inefficient
Mar 2I want to be here
Mar 4Lasers
Mar 6Imaginary Inside
Mar 9The Other Jane
Mar 11Chapter 3: Friendly Faces
Mar 13Remarkable
Mar 16Past This
Mar 20on the loose
Mar 23High School
Mar 25Hiya
Mar 27Running late
Apr 1Still new
Apr 3The Feelin’
Apr 6What’s your number
Apr 8The bell
Apr 10justified
Apr 13Grounded
Apr 15What happened?
Apr 17Uh Oh
Apr 20Chapter 4: Stormin’ it
Apr 22Trevon I Need You
Apr 24No time
Apr 27Don’t worry
Apr 29If you want
May 1Queen of the Garbage
May 4Gotcha
May 6I don’t like that
May 8Something here
May 11Nerd Setup
May 13Still Unclear
May 15Ninja Ninja Ninja
May 18Getting away
May 22Lotta New Things
May 25What’s in these
May 27A Higher Concern
May 29Not Normal
Jun 1What’s Normal
Jun 3This Robot Stuff
Jun 5Before You Get Mad
Jun 8Compromise
Jun 10Wrecking Machine
Jun 12Gee
Jun 15Chapter 5: Summer Bash
Jun 17Father’s Day
Jun 19Fresh Air
Jun 22Summer
Jun 24kinda excitin’
Jun 26Trash Queen
Jun 29Hero Time
Jul 3Up or Down
Jul 6Halt
Jul 8What’s Going On
Jul 10Handling
Jul 13Beef Supreme
Jul 15Says Who
Jul 17You again
Jul 20I Got This
Jul 22Elimination
Jul 24What You Are
Jul 27Seen ya before
Jul 29New Theory
Jul 31In here
Aug 3Blinding
Aug 7This is so
Aug 10Another Daughter
Aug 12A plan for us
Aug 14Chapter 6: Problem Child Smile!
Aug 17How Long
Aug 19It is what it is
Aug 21False Alarm
Aug 24Review
Aug 26Some Guy In The Park
Aug 28Vagrant
Aug 31Cool Gloves
Sep 2Useless
Sep 7A dangerous one
Sep 9Ever gonna be
Sep 14You Okay
Sep 16Feeding Ducks
Sep 21I’m Nate
Sep 23Work with this
Sep 28The only one
Sep 30The Ducks
Oct 5distracted
Oct 7No worries
Oct 12Chapter 7: The Worst Kind
Oct 14Sleepless Night
Oct 19Get through this
Oct 21Secrets a the heart
Oct 26Paint Dryin’
Oct 28Found one
Nov 4Code Fuschia
Nov 9Influence
Nov 16Pink House
Nov 23>:[
Nov 30My dog
Dec 2plans today
Dec 3Sigh
Dec 6What Happened
Dec 9Satisfied
Dec 13Hanukka 2015
Dec 16Tasteful
Dec 21Wanna Talk
Dec 23All I have is You
Dec 27Final Chance
Dec 29All We Got Is Us


Jan 4Nightmares Gonna Stop
Jan 6Chapter 8: Hand Me Down Clown
Jan 10The Economy
Jan 12Clear Red
Jun 27Acquainted
Jun 30Docta Al
Jul 4Fiddlin’
Jul 8Nothing Nice
Jul 12Free books
Jul 15Or something
Jul 18Astronaut
Jul 23it’s finished
Aug 1Notes
Aug 8Ready
Aug 12Learning
Aug 15If he knew
Aug 22Like you
Aug 29Trayvon
Sep 1Trespassing
Sep 5Full Disclosure
Sep 8No Good
Sep 13The Appeal
Sep 19Ruin
Sep 22Natalie Portman
Sep 26In Theory
Oct 2Physical Constants
Oct 7Napkin
Oct 16wasteful
Oct 20Pretending
Oct 24Windin
Oct 30Guardian
Nov 4Discova
Nov 9Didja hear
Nov 15what’s wrong
Nov 22Had Fun
Nov 27Bad Parenting
Dec 5Where were you
Dec 11Stealing It
Dec 16It could happen
Dec 21Can’t Complain
Dec 28What Happened


Jan 2Lost Little Storm
Jan 5Burden
Jan 9Speak Plainly, Doctor
Jan 12Situation
Jan 16Alright
Jan 19Never Coming Back
Jan 22Responsible
Jan 26Another
Jan 30Chapter 9: More Than A Queer Experiment
Feb 1The Parts I Can Scrap
Feb 9Metal and Wire
Feb 12Scion
Feb 20Like The Last Two
Mar 5Who is That Girl
Mar 13He Left
Mar 17Mercy Kill
Mar 21One good idea
Mar 24Not Leaving This
Mar 27What Matters
Mar 30Force it
Apr 3Couldn’ta
Apr 6Terrible Decision
Apr 10Chapter 10: Never Knows Best
Apr 14Update
Apr 17I Told you
Apr 23Really Nice
Apr 28What are you doing here?
May 1Not Here
May 7Manipulative Opportunist
May 12Oisin
May 15Now.
May 19Click
May 23crackin’
Jun 1Interferences
Jun 5Disco
Jun 11Forget
Jun 30Been Doing
Jul 10Hidin’
Jul 17couldn’t hurt
Jul 22That One
Jul 27Not Listening
Jul 30Still
Aug 7Sandpaper
Aug 20Nobody
Aug 27Man up
Sep 7Ey
Sep 12Matters
Sep 18Go Away
Sep 21I know
Sep 25Not That Jane
Sep 28Not Like That
Oct 6What did you do
Oct 27Nate


Nov 26Still Here
Nov 29Still still here
Dec 3Taking it back
Dec 6A dead man
Dec 10Now where did we leave off
Dec 13Open door, an invitation
Dec 17Something
Dec 20Stop Me
Dec 24Hurry