Jane: Jane is a 2 year old robot 15 year old with a head full of borrowed memories. She enjoys loud and positive music, watching teen dramas and distracting herself however she can from thinking too hard about her place in the world. She loves her family very much.

Tevon Storm: Trevon is 11 years old. He is endlessly frustrated by the people around him, who only seem to complicate and confuse things. The world is simple and made up of rules, and he can’t see why people just don’t get it like he does. Trevon has an intense desire to understand and be understood. He loves his sister very much.

 Dr. Alfred Cunningham: Al was the beleagured lab partner of Jane and Trevon’s father, and the unwitting creator of Jane. While government officials seem focused only on Jane’s capabilities, Alfred is undeterred from finding out what happened to his daughter. While his obsession for the truth grows ever expansive, he endeavors to keep Jane and Trevon from falling between the cracks. He loves his kids very much.

 Nate: Jane’s colorful and quiet beau. Hoisted off a park-bench and into Jane’s life, Nate doesn’t say much about himself and asks even less about others. He’s a well needed anchor of normality in Jane’s life of conspiracies and labs, but you can only keep so many secrets buried before they inevitably come up to the surface. His family doesn’t love him very much, and he understands completely.

EA: Mean-spirited, short-tempered, and prone to fits of violent exuberance, EA is another one of The Scientist’s creations. Born in a dark and empty room, she bashes to the beat of her own drum, and neither knows nor cares much for whatever elaborate scheme her creator is working towards. She loves having fun very much, and it just so happens that her definition of fun works to The Scientist’s advantage, for now.

Amy Woods: A teenage girl who has befriended Jane and entangled herself in their affairs. Her radiant optimism and vivid imagination fueled by fairy tales and anime has allowed her to take these events as they unfold in alarming stride. She is a true believer that the power of love will obliterate evil in a bubbly pink beam of light. She loves her dad very much.

Ninja!!:  Aloof, calculating, carefully dressed and desperate to please, Ninja is the unfortunately named android who first kicked off the events leading to Jane’s creation and Alexis’ disappearance. Working behind plots involving the kidnap and experimentation of youth who were present at the lab that fateful day, Ninja will do whatever it takes to get in his master’s good graces again. He fears his master very much.

Dr. Alexis Cunningham: Alfred’s brilliant prodigy. Charging through academia like a knight in a jousting match, she earned her PHD in record time, and managed to throw a proverbial crowbar into the laws of physics while she was at it for good measure.  After the Ninja’s botched attempt to take her latest invention, her current fate is up in the air. Her dad doesn’t have the words to describe how proud he is of her.

 Jane Storm: Jane is 13 years old. She has a dad who doesn’t quite get her or her brother and a mom who isn’t in this story. She enjoys soccer, sour candy and lying on dry grass in the summer. She’s growing up fast and from here she can go just about anywhere. She loves her brother very much.